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Bang For Your Buck!

By Brian Pounds | Mammoth Team - September 16, 2021
Where to Invest Your Hard Earned Money in Your Home   The Mammoth Team has been FLIPPING houses for many years and has been doing real estate in one way or another for over a decade. We have seen A LOT of trends come in to vogue and we have seen even more go out. We also show houses to people all of the time and see what makes our clients like a home or conversely, hate a home. Our friends Your Biggest Investment!?!

By Brian Pounds | Mammoth Team - September 15, 2021
When you decide to buy or sell the  largest investment that most people make in their entire life, you should probably use a professional.  It is a much more complex transaction than, say, buying a pack of gum.  Most people think of selling something as a buyer giving money in exchange for the seller giving something, but it is so much more than that.  There are a lot of steps

Big Regret in Tiny Houses

By Brian Pounds - September 15, 2021
  Big Regret in Tiny Houses         I have always had a little concern for people that would want to live in less than a 1000 square feet, but a recent survey      discovered that many owners of tiny houses are unhappy with their purchase.  I have always thought that tiny houses are purchased out of necessity and the attitude of “why buy b



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